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Government of Biafra

Government of Biafra : Official Public Statement on Peaceful Constructive Expansion (PCE) of Africa into Europe and the Middle East.
For the Immediate Attention of the African Union (AU) ; and Others.
Kindly Study This Message (Very , Very , Very) Carefully.
Africa Must (Now) Act Quickly.
Thank You.
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Government of Biafra

Government of Biafra
Government of Biafra

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Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra

Biafra , the Republic of Biafra or the Biafran Free State are (Officially Recognized) Terms (and Titles) - which all equally refer to the Innate National Identity of the Disputed Territory of Biafraland ; in the Eastern Part of West Africa.

Contrary to (Numerous) Highly Misconstrued Reports , the Grassroots Government of Biafra has always been Peacefully Functioning in one particular form or another , (ab initio) without interregnum ; irrespective of whether Biafra previously Existed as a Separate Sovereign Entity in it's Very Own Right , or Not.

Biafra is therefore still (Very Much) Alive and Well : It is (Most Certainly) Not an Unrecognized (or Failed) Identity (Let Alone a Dead One).

Sincerely , Faithfully and Respectfully ,

The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

State Counsellor of Biafraland

Government of Biafra

Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra