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Clinical Advice

Clinical Advice

The Government in Diaspora is (Very) Different from other Biafran Governments , in that we do not have a Codified (Single , Written) Constitution.

Like the United Kingdom , which also has an Uncodified ("Unwritten") Constitution , our Defining Statute is fundamentally based on Precedent and other Pieces (etc).

Thankfully , to Judiciously Prevent a State of Utter Statutory Chaos , we proudly have one of the World's Most Tolerant Bill of Rights.

The Biafran Bill of Rights is currently being expanded , by the Government in Diaspora (of Biafra Land) ; to irrevocably include all of the following Fundamental Rights and Freedoms (inter alia) :

* the right to self determination

* the right to peaceful coexistence

* the right to life, liberty and security

* freedom from slavery

* freedom from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment

* the right to recognition as a person before the law

* the right not to face discrimination because of racial or ethnic origin, or religion

* the right of women to lawfully choose whether to continue with any of their pregnancies or not

* the right to lawful sexuality

* the right to lawful gender expression

* the right to lawful sexual orientation

* the right to freedom of lawful sexual activities between consenting adults

* freedom from arbitrary arrest, detention or exile

* the right to a fair trial

* the right to appeal

* the right to earn a decent living

* the right to ask to be incarcerated for the protection of the general public and one's self

* the right to ask to be admitted (in hospital) for the protection of the general public and one's self

* the right to lawfully end one's life at a time of one's very own choosing

* the right to practise an appropriate profession

* the right to equal protection of the law

* the right to freedom of movement and residence

* freedom of opinion and expression

* freedom of thought, conscience and religion

* freedom of assembly and association

* the right to participate in government

* the right to property

* the right to social security

* the right to work and equal pay for equal work

* the right to enjoy the best attainable health

* the right to education

* the right to take part in the cultural life of the community

* the right to food and water

* the right to an adequate standard of living, including housing

* the right of peoples to freely dispose of their natural wealth and resources

* the right to ask for further rights

* the right to ask for other freedoms

Unlike many other Biafran (Government) Charters , Biafraland (Gov) Bills and Biafra (Govt) Conventions , the Biafran Bill of Rights is Liberal , Dynamic and Eclectic ; rather than Conservative , Static and Regimented.

Sincerely , Faithfully and Respectfully ,

The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

State Counsellor of Biafraland


Government of Biafra

Government of Biafra
Government of Biafra

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Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra

Biafra , the Republic of Biafra or the Biafran Free State are (Officially Recognized) Terms (and Titles) - which all equally refer to the Innate National Identity of the Disputed Territory of Biafraland ; in the Eastern Part of West Africa , the Western Part of Central Africa , together with a (Remarkably) Substantial (Cultural) Potpourri of Various Other (Highly Contentious) Little Bits and Pieces of the (Worldwide) African Diaspora.

Contrary to (Numerous) Highly Misconstrued Reports , the Grassroots Government of Biafra has always been Peacefully Functioning in one particular form or another , (ab initio) without interregnum ; irrespective of whether Biafra previously Existed as a Separate Sovereign Entity in it's Very Own Right , or Not.

Biafra is therefore still (Very Much) Alive and Well : It is (Most Certainly) Not an Unrecognized (or Failed) Identity (Let Alone a Dead One).

For The Record : Please also be duly advised that the Republic of Biafra is totally different from the 'Sum-Total' of Biafraland itself ; since most of Biafraland actually lies outside the Geographical Borders of Nigeria.

Hence the growing calls for the Restoration of the Totality of Biafraland (just as it initially was , Many Millions of Years Ago) ; as opposed to other (not so successful) approaches.

The current position is that Biafrans were never ever even consulted (let alone offer any consent) ; before being lumped together with others in Nigeria and Cameroon (etc).

As such , many Modern Biafrans are now (diplomatically) seeking Restoration of Biafraland (at UN Level) ; rather than yet another brutal round of (unnecessary) Military Warfare.

Sincerely , Faithfully and Respectfully ,

The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

State Counsellor of Biafraland

Government of Biafra

Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra

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About Biafra

State Counsellor of Biafraland | The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

Professor Obi

VERY IMPORTANT NOTES (AS AT SEPTEMBER 2017) : is the Official Website of the Government in Diaspora ; of Biafraland.

Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Highly Controversial Black European Politician of British Birth , Biafran Heritage , Igbo Extraction , Nigerian Wit , African Descent , Global Outlook , International Renown and Worldwide Reach.

Doctor Obi previously worked as a (Young) Medical Adviser at State House Annex Clinic in Abuja ; during the Equally Controversial Presidency of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

For the Past 20 Years (or so), he has quietly served as State Counsellor to the Biafran Diaspora.

The Official Linkedin Profile of Prof Obi is currently located at