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* Fifty Years Ago , Spain (together with Most of the Rest of the then Modern World) Coldly Looked On , as Millions (and Millions) of Impoverished Biafran Citizens , Slowly (and Painfully) Died of Starvation - During the (Extremely Brutal) Nigerian Civil War , otherwise known as the Biafran Holocaust.

The Only Crime of the (Woefully) Marginalized Biafrans (at that Time) was that they Lawfully Wanted to become an Independent , Self-Reliant (and Sovereign) National Republic.

Sadly , Not Even the Horrific (and Haunting) Emanciated Skeletal Photographs of Over a Million Dying Biafran Children were Emotional Enough to Politically Soften the Hearts , the Minds and the Souls of the Wealthy Spanish Government of the Day (plus Most of the Rest of the then , Equally Wealthy , Modern World at Large).

* It is Therefore No Surprise (Whatsoever) to Biafra that Fifty Years Later , The Kingdom of Spain has , (So Far) , Fundamentally (and Highly Unhelpfully) Failed to Convince the Biafran Government as to Why It (Too) Should Gleefully Join the Silent Chorus of Global Leadership which is (Undemocratically) Ignoring the Overwhelming Result of Catalonia's (Landmark , Lawful and Long Overdue) Independence Referendum.

* Whatever is going on in the (Excruciatingly Conservative) Spanish Courts is Not (Primarily) Our Concern , as Such Decisions are Very Much Likely to Be Profoundly Biased in Favour of the Incumbent Spanish Government.

For The Record (To Be Absolute Clear) : Biafra Unequivocally Believes in Robustly Upholding the Democratic Will of the People (As Rightfully Expressed via a Legitimate Referendum) , Fully Implementing the Separation of Powers (As Rightfully Stipulated in International Law) , and Completely Respecting the Supremacy of Parliament (As Rightfully Expected in Any Modern Democracy).

* As Far as Peaceful Biafran Democrats are concerned : Whether The Parliament of Catalonia (Ceremonially) makes a Formal Declaration of Independence Itself (or Not) is Purely Immaterial ; as the Positive Referendum Result is Already Quite Clear to All and Sundry.

Since All European Citizens are supposed to be Equal before the Eyes of the Law , the Simple Truth is that Any EU Citizen in Catalonia (or Beyond) can Lawfully Make the Declaration on Behalf of the Catalonian Citizens ; as Far as the Declaration Accurately Reflects the True Result of the Aforementioned Catalonian Referendum (inter alia).

That is (Technically) what I have Just Done , using a Valid European (EU) Passport ; which was Lawfully Acquired by me as a result of being Born in the United Kingdom.

As You Are (Probably) All Aware , The UK is Currently Leaving the European Union - So I might as well use the Aforementioned EU Passport to do Something Useful , prior to Losing It After Brexit.

* Consequently , The Government of Biafra (in Diaspora) hereby Diplomatically Recognizes the Independent Republic of Catalonia as a Sovereign (Freestanding) State - With Immediate Effect.

* Furthermore , Please Kindly Be Advised that The Most Excellent State Counsellor of Biafraland is (Now) Fully Empowered to Unreservedly Receive Appropriate Letters of Credence - (and All Other Forms of Diplomatic Correspondence) - from All Accredited Catalonian Ambassadors , All Approved Catalonian Envoys and All Designated Catalonian Representatives (etc).

* Finally , if the European Union (EU) does not wish to assist the New Catalonian Republic , (for Fear of Angering Spain) , then it may be a Jolly Good Idea for Catalan Leaders to Diplomatically Approach Israel and ask to be (Formally) 'Co-opted' into Israel's Current Application to Join the African Union (AU). Africa is Fast Becoming a Rather Prosperous Continent (Indeed) - and it would therefore be Exceedingly Unwise of the New Catalonian Republic to (Arrogantly) Overlook Such a Huge Collaborative Opportunity ; most especially when Catalonia has been Hospitably Hosting Lots (and Lots) of African Economic Migrants (and Students) over the Past Few Centuries (or so).

Sincerely , Faithfully and Respectfully ,

The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

State Counsellor of Biafraland

6th Day of October 2017

(At Midnight)

Biafra Government

Biafra Government


Professor Doctor Joseph Chikelue Obi is a Highly Controversial Black European Politician of British Birth , Biafran Heritage , Igbo Extraction , Nigerian Wit , African Descent , Global Outlook , International Renown and Worldwide Reach.

Doctor Obi previously worked as a (Young) Medical Adviser at State House Annex Clinic in Abuja ; around the time of the Equally Controversial Presidency of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida.

For the Past 20 Years (or so), he has quietly served as State Counsellor to the Biafran Diaspora ; a role which has taken him Susbstantially Across the Globe. is the Official Linkedin Profile of Prof Obi.

His Primary Remit (as State Counsellor of Biafraland) is as Follows:

* To Peacefully Apply for Diplomatic Recognition of Biafraland ; as an Independent State under Lawful Occupation.

* To Peacefully Represent the Biafran Diaspora at the United Nations (UN) , the European Union (EU) and All Major Diplomatic Bodies across the World (and Beyond).

* To Peacefully (and Jointly) Negotiate with (both) Nigeria and Cameroon ; on an Ongoing (Harmonious) Level.

* To Peacefully Conduct a Census of All (Non-Terrorist) Biafrans in Diaspora.

* To Internationally Promote Biafrans as a Peaceful (Non-Terrorist) Human Race. is the Official Website of the Government in Diaspora ; of Biafraland.

Effective the 21st Day of September 2017 (when He was Officially Sworn in) , the State Counsellor has since automatically assumed the Official Diplomatic Status of an Internationally Protected Person (IPP) ; as duly outlined by the relevant United Nations (UN) Conventions and Other Appropriate Diplomatic Treaties.

According to the United Nations (UN) , an “Internationally Protected Person” is either :

* A Head of State, including any member of a Collegial Body performing the functions of a Head of State under the constitution of the State concerned ; as well as members of His (or Her) Family who accompany Him (or Her).

* A Head of Government ; as well as members of His (or Her) Family who accompany Him (or Her).

* A Minister for Foreign Affairs, whenever any such person is in a Foreign State ; as well as members of His (or Her) Family who accompany Him (or Her).

* Any Diplomat or Representative or Official of a State , or Any Official or Other Agent of an International Organization of an Intergovernmental Character who , is entitled (pursuant to International Law) to Special Protection from any attack on His (or Her) Person, Freedom or Dignity ; as well as members of His (or Her) Family forming part of His (or Her) Household.

* While The United Nations (UN) globally sets the Criteria for "Internationally Protected Persons", it is Solely up to the Relevant Governments (Themselves) to decide who Individually Qualifies for the Appropriate Positions which the UN has carefully set out in it's Aforementioned Diplomatic Criteria (Inter Alia).

Additional Information will be Formally Released in due course.


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Government of Biafra

Government of Biafra
Government of Biafra

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Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra

Biafra , the Republic of Biafra or the Biafran Free State are (Officially Recognized) Terms (and Titles) - which all equally refer to the Innate National Identity of the Disputed Territory of Biafraland ; in the Eastern Part of West Africa , the Western Part of Central Africa , together with a (Remarkably) Substantial (Cultural) Potpourri of Various Other (Highly Contentious) Little Bits and Pieces of the (Worldwide) African Diaspora.

Contrary to (Numerous) Highly Misconstrued Reports , the Grassroots Government of Biafra has always been Peacefully Functioning in one particular form or another , (ab initio) without interregnum ; irrespective of whether Biafra previously Existed as a Separate Sovereign Entity in it's Very Own Right , or Not.

Biafra is therefore still (Very Much) Alive and Well : It is (Most Certainly) Not an Unrecognized (or Failed) Identity (Let Alone a Dead One).

For The Record : Please also be duly advised that the Republic of Biafra is totally different from the 'Sum-Total' of Biafraland itself ; since most of Biafraland actually lies outside the Geographical Borders of Nigeria.

Hence the growing calls for the Restoration of the Totality of Biafraland (just as it initially was , Many Millions of Years Ago) ; as opposed to other (not so successful) approaches.

The current position is that Biafrans were never ever even consulted (let alone offer any consent) ; before being lumped together with others in Nigeria and Cameroon (etc).

As such , many Modern Biafrans are now (diplomatically) seeking Restoration of Biafraland (at UN Level) ; rather than yet another brutal round of (unnecessary) Military Warfare.

Sincerely , Faithfully and Respectfully ,

The Most Excellent Professor Obi GKB

State Counsellor of Biafraland

Government of Biafra

Govt of Biafra Government of Biafra Govt of Biafra

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